"The Process"

Before anything can begin, before your story can be told, it all needs to go through a process. A process that will uncover the true needs of your business and help you reach your desired destination.


Starting at: 5,000


Here we learn as much as we can about you and your current brand.

The Call

During our initial consultation, we’ll establish your current brand goals, target audience, and current design/communication materials by just asking some simple questions. We will also ask if you have your current voice, mission, values, purpose, and brand heart outlined. We go over all of this to have a better understanding of your brand and receive a brief glimpse of how we can help you and your brand succeed. After this initial consultation we will move forward to the next step.

Scope Of Work

After our discovery call, we will put together a scope of work. This scope of work will give you an outline, timeline, and budget proposal which details the process in which we follow to help establish the foundations of your brand.

Review / Approval

Once the scope of work is approved, we will write-up a comprehensive service agreement for us to review, redline and e-sign.


We get aligned so that we have a clear path to success


After you review and e-sign the service contract/agreement we will invite you to our project tracker where the SOW will be outlined by task, as well as a list of project set-up tasks that will be assigned. These tasks will include instructions for asset & credential hand-off, communication set-up, and kick-off call scheduling to get things started.

We keep everyone on track through a simple but effective communication plan and a one on one dedicated point of contact.

Kick Off Call

Once we've set-up our communication channels and have successfully on-boarded you to our project tracker we will then schedule a Kick-Off call to go over the following topics and review every detail of your project again before moving forward with then next steps.

Things We Will Discuss:

• Your Social media presence

• Your Website

• Your Email Blasts

• Your Print material

• Your Brand Concerns/Pain Points

Brand Audit

This is where we finally get to work and discover how you truly compare to your competition. Are you winning?

Social Media Audit

First we need to identify your competition. Top five is a good place to start. Then we will collect data for several different key points of interest. First we will start with your social media and go over the following:

• Number of Followers vs Competition

• Number of comments vs Competition

• Positive Comments vs Negative Comments

• Average number of likes per post vs Competition

• Amount of posts vs Competition

• Types/Variety of posts vs Competition

Website Audit

If you have a website we will need to run an audit on it as well to see how you compare. With your website we will go over the following:

• Monthly website Traffic vs The Competition

• Monthly website Clicks vs The Competition and their sources

• Monthly website Reach vs The Competition

• Monthly website Sales vs The Competition

Email Audit

If you are doing email blasts to reach your audience which is highly recommend then we will also perform an audit here. and go over the following. If not then we will help you make one!

• How many clicks do you receive on your emails vs The Competition

• How many website visits do you receive vs The Competition

• How many opens do you receive vs The Competition

• How many deletions vs The Competition

• How large is your email reach vs The Competition

Research Conclusion

After the audit of the needed materials is completed we will gather the information and showing where there are gaps and where the company needs to improve, or can improve. This information will provided in a detailed PDF document.

Brand Strategy

How will you be moving forward. at the end of this process you will be provided with a comprehensive guide to strategically move forward with your current brand.

Brand Strategy Guide

We need to solidify how you plan to achieve your new KPI's (Key Performance Indicators identified in the audit, and adjust any old habits that didn't work in the past. To do that we will need to complete our detailed strategy guide. Here we will reiterate and solidify the following which will give us a solid understanding on how to achieve your new or even old goals.

• Purpose

• Vision

• Mission

• Values

• Personas

• Competitive analysis

• Brand Messaging

• Brand Voice

• Current Visual and Verbal Identity

Off The Screen

Everything comes together to realize the vision

Hand Off

This is the final step in which we hand off everything we've helped you create. From your brands audit to your values mission, vision etc. With everything neatly packaged in your own brand strategy guide.


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