N_WARD --2020--Brand/Visual Identity/ Web Design
Life Long --- 2020 -----------Brand/ Visual Identity
Highlight Reel --- 2020 --------------Logo Design
Interwoven-On-Going-Logo Design/ Visual Identity
Running Report--2020--Social Media Content Design
J WILL--- 2020 --------------Album Cover Design
Sandy Joe --- 2020 -----------Single Cover design
Classie --- 2017 ----------Branding/ Visual Identity
8ight 5ifteen --- 2019 ------Branding/ Visual Identity
Ebony/Oro---2020--------Branding/ Visual Identity
Bold Tequila-----2021-----Branding/ Visual Identity
La Beuno Cigars---2021-----Branding/ Visual Identity
JJ's Detail Garage---2021---Branding/ Visual Identity
Mauve Flows---2022--------Branding/ Visual Identity
Galaxy Dance Fitness--2022--Branding/ Visual Identity
Life's Lemonade---2022----Branding/ Visual Identity
Villa Yoga---On-Going-----Branding/ Visual Identity
La Serre Plant Shop---2023------------------------------------------Branding/ Visual Identity

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An independent brand consultancy located in Los Angeles, Ca. We define and design new products, services and experiences that drive growth for ambitious brands.

Los Angeles, California
PO box 6326, Altadena, CA 91003,
United States, (626) 755-4548