"The Process"

Before anything can begin, before your story can be told, it all needs to go through a process. A process that will uncover the true needs of your business and help you reach your desired destination.


Starting at: 2,000


Here we learn as much as we can about you and your audience.

The Call

During our initial consultation, we’ll establish your current and future objectives and lock down scope of work, timeline, and budget. We may walk you through an example of what our typical project proposal looks like and if needed we may schedule a follow-up call to further scope your project. Finally, we will discuss next steps.

Scope Of Work

After our discovery call, we will put together a scope of work outline, timeline, and budget proposal.

Review / Approval

Once the scope of work is approved, we will write-up a comprehensive master service agreement for us to review, redline and e-sign.


We get aligned so that we have a clear path to success


After you review and e-sign the service contract/agreement we will invite you to our project tracker where  the SOW will be outlined by task, as well as a list of project set-up tasks that will be assigned. These tasks will include instructions for asset & credential hand-off, communication set-up, and kick-off call scheduling to get things started.

We keep everyone on track through a simple but effective communication plan and a one on one dedicated point of contact.

Kick Off Call

Once we've set-up our communication channels and have successfully on-boarded you to our project tracker we will then schedule a Kick-Off call to go over the following topics and review every detail of your project again before moving forward into the Planning phase.

Things We Will Discuss:

• Analyze & Understand Current Brand ID & assets if any
(Persona | Tone  | Vision |  Color Palette | Use of Graphics, Video, etc.)

• Analyze client Inspirations, Likes & Dislikes

• Analyze Brand Concerns/Pain Points (if any)

• Brand Aesthetic Brainstorming w/ Client

Content & Creative Planning

This is where creative content planning comes into play. Your project strategist will help take a creative approach to understanding your content and the story we are telling with it, allowing us to plan for those flashy elements that will represent your brand, but in a meaningful way. This way we can go directly into the design phase with a strong sense of purpose and understanding.


A beautiful design that actually works is about balance

Sketches & Roughs

After we've completed the pre-build strategy process we'll typically go into creating sketches and roughs to review and approve with our client. Here we begin exploring type choice, color ways, brand assets and much more. This is where we begin to bring your ideas to life and make adjustments as the client may see fit.

Final Designs

Once we have chosen the best design, font choice, color way etc, from the sketches and roughs, we will begin to refine it. Here we begin adjusting the small details to get the most out of the design assuring that it stays relevant to the brand story being told.


Once we have come up with a beautiful design and aesthetic for you and your brand we will create mockups to give the designs a real world feel and put them to the test. This is an opportunity to make very minor changes to the design.

Off The Screen

Everything comes together to realize the vision

Print Prep

Once the final design has been chosen we will take everything we've built up and apply it to the real world. We set everything up for print that we have worked on, and that we displayed in the mockups.

Hand Off

This is the final step in which we hand off everything we've helped you create. From your brand story down to the fonts. With everything neatly packaged in your own brand guide handbook.

Congratulations! You are now ready for take off :)

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